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Primary 7 Learning Area

Welcome to the Primary 7 Learning Area!

This page has been set up to provide useful resources for the children in Primary 7. These resources will help the children complete classwork and homework. We hope that the page can also be used to share some of the fantastic work completed by our very talented Primary 7 children. We will update the page regularly and post information relevant to primary 7. 


Mrs Gallick & Mr Martin



P.7. Literacy - Nov/Dec

  • Know what an adverb is. Recognise adverbs of time, manner and place
  • Forming adverbs from adjectives
  • Recognise and use conjunctions and prepositions
  • Form adjectives from nouns
  • Use the 6 steps of writing (Familiarisation, Analysis, Modelled, Shared, Guided and Applying) in the context of a Report – tied into WAU topic It’s A Disaster
  • Using commas – separate items on a list/subordinate clause
  • Homophones and Homonyms
  • Punctuating direct speech
  • Apostrophes for possession
  • Anti-Bullying week- Poetry
  • Complete a minimum of 30 mins per night reading
  • Complete weekly Accelerated quizzes


P7. Numeracy- Nov/Dec

  • Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Find the % of a number (including money)
  • Apply percentage increase and decrease
  • Discuss the properties of 2.D. and 3.D. shapes
  • Explore tessellation
  • Convert between different units of weight
  • Calculate the area of squares, rectangles, composite shapes and triangles
  • Calculate perimeter
  • Explore coordinates in the 4 quadrants
  • Draw and interpret conversion graphs
  • TSPC - Using and applying mathematical skills

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