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Greenhaw Primary School

A brilliant poem by Lucas, P.7. which I wanted to share with everyone.

3rd Nov 2020

                      Lucas' Paintbox

One day, 

He came to say,

Would you like to see,

My paintbox?


Blue is the sky as bright as light,

Blinding eyes,

Reflecting off windows,

The sadness of being left out.


Black as the spooky shadows in the night,

As creepy as a bad luck cat,

Frightening as crows sweeping in the night,

As fierce as a black widow.


Green is The Hulk smashing and clashing,

Strong vines swinging,

As green as Ireland's grass,

Like sickness.


Red is a fire rising and spreading,

As destructive as a fire killing,

As juicy as an apple falling from a tree,

Red as blood running from a wound.