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Greenhaw Primary School

Thought for the Day!

30th Nov 2018

This week some of our children were invited to a Primary Schools' Duathlon, hosted by St. Mary's College PE Dept. This event provided a springboard to develop one of the most important things in life.

The day before the event I had a few children looking to pull out, nerves were getting the better of them. They were afraid they wouldn't do well. After a long prep talk and reassurance that their best was all that was needed, quitting was no longer an option. As the event is always extremely well run, I knew the children would be supported and encouraged to do their best. 

Thanks to the guidance from the St. Mary's girls, the children all finished the race. They received a goody bag and a shiny medal and although some may not realise it they came away with so much more. They left having succeeded in a challenge, feeling good about themselves and a real sense of pride. They left with confidence!

It is opportunities like this that are rare, but when they arise we have to grab them with both hands.

Thanks again.

Mr Martin